Let’s Dive Right IN….

   Whoever said 30’s are the new 20’s must still be in their 20’s!  

The reality is my Boobs are dropping, my double chin has now become a triple chin, & baking my face is now a thing to hide these HUGE bags under my eyes.

“IT’S ALL ABOUT THE PROCESS OF AGING AND LOVING YOURSELF” -said me over and over again until I really thought about it and the only thing that kept popping up is:



These questions hit my brain daily; however, what are the answers? First, aging is not graceful at all. Second, what is good for you and what isn’t? Third, WHAT THE HELL AM I GOING TO LOOK LIKE IN 30 YEARS?

Research is the first thing we do when we want to find the best product out there.  That was until our computer started reading our minds. SCARY!!  Every time you open your browser or go on social media you see some sort of AD for a product that guarantees to make you look 30 years younger…


I would be just fine looking 10 years younger, hell even 5 years younger.  I am not sure my husband wants me to look too young he just might feel like he is robbing the cradle 🙂


After many hours of pointless commercials and browsing I wanted to give up.  Nope I didn’t because this truck drove by with Vive written on it.  WTH is Vive??  OMG am I so glad I looked it up … WEIGHT-LOSS, COOL SCULPTING, BOTOX, HYDRA-FACIAL, and sooooo much more!!!!!

I really have to be honest, at first I had no friggen clue what was the point of half of these procedures… but like you read earlier I am not exactly eager to look at myself in the mirror so I said screw it and made my first appointment.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU the stars have aligned vivecenter.com has officially changed my life.

It started with the weight-loss program….

The triple chin is just shy of a single i

n a half chin and those droopy boobs are now fitting into push up bras.  I know I still have a long journey ahead of me; however, the support from the staff at Vive and my aunt who is killing it with her weight loss program with Vive makes the journey damn worth it.  

fullsizeoutput_2f1       On to the next best thing…fullsizeoutput_30a

Baking my face isn’t an issue anymore because they offer some badass facials.  SO far I had a hydra facial, Derma-planning, & a Chemical Peel that has CHANGED MY FACE. I mean I also had a few other enhancements along the way 😉 Maybe some Botox & Juvederm in my lips.


The truth is I have now come to realize my 30’s are what I am making of them and what I am comfortable doing.  I know there will be some judgy beauties out there and that is totally ok.  For me it works and stopped me from making a HUGE mistake spending a ton of money on invasive procedures.  


Love who you are and if you want to change a few things to have more confidence I say DO IT!!!! Do NOT let anyone make you feel bad about anything you want to do.  Your body is your temple and you are allowed to accessorize it whatever way you want.

Until Next time…

     Love Yahs

   -Kat Carollo

Be Sure to Check out vivecenter.com 


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